Our Mission, Vision & Values


“Relationships should not be a place of fear, but where one can be loved. Fear has no place in any family, fear to speak your mind, fear of a loved one. Fear has for too long been responsible for more suicides than road traffic accidents. It takes the colour out of our relationships. We want to help you overcome that fear.”

Owen Connolly, Chairman

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Men’s Aid Ireland is a national charity that supports Men and their families experiencing Domestic Violence. Our mission is to de-stigmatise Domestic Violence and raise awareness of the trauma affecting Men and their families. We aim to do this through advocacy, education, practical and emotional support.

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We envisage a country where all people will be equally protected from Domestic Violence, regardless of gender.

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  • We value equality, tolerance, respect, dignity and acceptance.
  • We value all fundamental freedoms, including freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of association and freedom of the press. We believe in the importance of discussing different perspectives
  • We value the human rights of each and every individual. We believe the advancement of human rights is not a zero sum game where some will win only if others lose. We believe every human wins when any individual succeeds in advancing their human rights.
  • We value people above ideas; we strive to ensure beneficial outcomes for our clients, personnel and above all our community.
  • We value education; we are committed to the highest standards of education and strive to continually improve educational content and experience.
  • We value public policy that flows from fact-led and evidence-based scientific research
  • We value the wellness of people; we strive to improve the wellness of our personnel, our community and the public.
  • We value excellence; at all times, we undertake to continually improve our business based on feedback, input and participation of our community, personnel and the public.
  • We value transparency; at all times, we undertake to demonstrate transparency to our personnel, members and the public.