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You can make a donation online by clicking on the Single Donation or Recurring Donation buttons above.

You can also donate via cheque / EFT to “Men’s Aid Ireland”.

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Legacy Giving

Family and friends are your priority of course but if you can, including a gift to support our work will directly help men, their children and families across Ireland who may be struggling or in need in the future.

Every legacy gift left by a person in their will is deeply personal to them and we respect that; large or small, a specific amount, a residual gift or small percentage, each one will be valued by us and those we support.

For more information please call us on 01-5543811 or e-mail us at

Who your donation will help

Tony (*Not his real name)

Tony first arrived at Men’s Aid with two black eyes having been attacked by his partner. Tony had fled the home and hid in bushes while his partner searched for him having left their children ages 4 months and 2 years in the home alone. Tony said his partner attacks him regularly. Tony has his own business and has had to attend work wearing makeup to cover bruising on his face. Tony could no longer remain in the family home and moved into his parent’s house. Tony’s partner would not permit him to see his children. Tony obtained an access order and joint guardianship through the courts. Tony’s partner continually breached the access order and at one point the judge told her he will jail her if she refuses access. Tony said his partner again refused access, but she was not jailed. Tony said he spent years in and out of court with threats of violence from his partner and her family and spent months at a time not seeing his children. Tony is in financial difficulties having spent tens of thousands of euros on legal fees and felt he had no choice but to walk away from his children as his mental health is being affected and he was feeling suicidal.

Jack (*Not his real name)

Jack is a retired farmer who called Men’s Aid because his wife would not permit him to use the cooker, washing machine or TV. Jack said he spent his working life on the farm working 12 hours plus a day. Jack said his wife was always abusive, but this has escalated since he retired. Jack said he spends most of his day in his room. They have not shared a bedroom for many years. Jack said his wife tells him constantly he is useless and throws plates and objects at him. Jack said he has no friends and is isolated. Jack said he is not permitted to use the car. Jack continues to call Men’s Aid to talk. Jack feels nothing can be done as he and his wife are in their 70s and the courts will not remove her from the home.