COVID-19 Press Release 31.3.20
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Domestic abuse across Ireland was already at epidemic levels for men, women, children and families before COVID-19.
Last week Men’s Aid Ireland handled over 75 calls from men who are in dangerous situations and have nowhere to go.

Social Care Manager, Andrea McDermott, who leads the Helpline team says, “The men can’t go to parents, family or friends because of social distancing. Some men I spoke to are living in their cars.
There is no more ‘Sofa Surfing’ – not that it was a solution – but it was the only option for many dads before COVID-19”.

Men’s Aid Ireland is calling on the Government to provide Safe Beds for Men across Ireland.

One in Seven men across Ireland experience abuse and One in Three women.
But who is counting the children and the negative life-changing impact it has on the kids?

All lives matter.

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