About Men’s Aid

Men’s Aid Ireland is a dedicated national support service for Men and their families experiencing Domestic Violence in Ireland.

1 in 7 men in Ireland experience domestic abuse. This includes coercive control which is emotional, psychological and financial abuse.

Our experienced and qualified team offer:

  • Information on Safety Orders, Protection Orders and Barring Orders
  • Counselling by phone
  • Counselling in person
  • Court Accompaniment in Dolphin House (Family courts)
  • Outreach Clinics in Monaghan, Cavan, Louth and Meath.

We have provided support and information to thousands of Men for over 20 years. Research has consistently shown that men do not reach out due to stigma and fear, only 5% of abuse is reported in Ireland.

Please call us, or perhaps your mum, sister or brother contact us so we can help your family.