Message from Our Chairman

“…. The pain that is the result of the partner they love being unkind to them and being critical of who they are as men been addressed in a positive way. The need for such an organisation is so important that it will require the help of all the people in this nation.

…. Today we are attempting to bring to the attention of the nation that men who have been silent about their hurts might get the opportunity to see these hurts and their needs met; that is, to see themselves as equal but different with strengths and weaknesses just like everybody else.

…. I’m sad to say that men today in many relationships are also suffering in silence, afraid to speak out, afraid they will be considered to be Cowards. This organisation intends to be best in practice, a world model to help men who for the sake of their children and the relationship have been afraid to speak about the hurts of experience with a loved one. We want to give these men and any man that has been suffering in any way in any relationship the opportunity to able to share his position and receive appropriate help. I’m reminded that perfect love drives out all fear and is a necessary part of all our recovery where there is no judgement….

….We want to set an example that whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, in this island you can feel safe and not live in fear….. Let’s not forget that it was ignorance that separated us. Let’s not let that happen again.”

Owen Connolly – Chairman – Men’s Aid Ireland.